9/21/1923 Wait till we are college students together.

Port Arthur, Tex

My Darling Florence;

How goes the world by now, little girl? Is your head still in a whirl and full of H2O. I wish I could swim like that. You know I am not a very good swimmer. But someday I am going to learn and be a good one. I can swim a little, but not much.

Oh, yes, before I forget I want to tell you that I for the prettiest little pin the other day. Thanks so much. I will wear it and it makes me think of you, oh so much. Every time I see it, it makes me have the blues. It won’t be long tho’. Just think, Florence, less than a month. Not four weeks yet. Oh gee, How happy I will be. It sure gives Johnson the blues to hear Ike & I talk about going back and he has to stay here. You see, he finished in ’23. He has to stay in P.A. but he surely does want to leave, and go to some place better, I think. When school starts, the cream of P.A. will leave. There are about 400 college students here. ie. it is estimated to be that many.

Last nite we had quite a surprise. Ike had gone to town and Johnson & I were here. When he came back he brought “Stubby” Waters (from Rice) with him. He is down here on a business proposition for a dredging company of Galveston (also his home). He is testing the dirt in the depths of the canal so the co can make a bid to get the contract for dredging it. He needed four to help him so Ike quit the Texas Co and is helping him. It will be much better work and much easier too. If there had been as much as I was getting, in it I think I would go too, but there wasn’t. So I didn’t.

I had intended to write a long letter. I started and had good intentions but a boy came over and is still here. But I must finish this. I will try again soon to write you see. It is very embarassing to write with company.

This 11 to 7 shift is a punishment to human nature. I must get ready to go to work now. I am so sorry I didn’t have time to fulfill my plans. but my Darling you know I am thinking of you and love you just as much. Wait till we are college students together.

Lots of Love


I am glad you sent the pin. Looks good. Thanks. I will write soon.

1000 xxx’s



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