8/27/1923 The sooner I leave the better

Port Arthur

Aug 27, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

I know you will be so surprised to get this so soon after the other but I have been thinking of you so much today that I just had to write to you and spend a few minuted with you. I have to wait for time to go to work.

I am so glad you have talked to Mr McCann and have your course arranged. I mean picked out. I can help you occasionally on your math and physics, but I am sure the rest is Greek to me. I hope you will not need any help tho’. You will be real interested after you start. I’ll bet your new outfit is nifty. Your blue & gray sweater will set you off, eh? haba. I will have a new Blue and Gray sweater too. But if will have a big “R” on it. Wish yours did too. Won’t you be a cute Slime. “yea Slimess” I will be so glad when I get back to Houston and get to see you. Just think Florence  1/2 months, but seems like the months are years, to’. I am getting restless already. It won’t be long now. I am almost sure I will quit the 12th instead of the 15th. I want to go on home and enjoy a good vacation. Mama I think would like for me to spend a long time at home. I may leave the 9th I don’t know. I don’t much care how long I stay here. The sooner I leave the better. I have about decided to quit the 9th.

Lots of Love


When do you want me to come? any time suits me.


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