8/29/1923 at Beaumont get a shine and brushed off good

Port Arthur, Tex

Aug 29, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

I thinks, thinks I, that I will write to the dearest little girl in all dis world. The boys wanted me to go to town, but I wanted to write, so I did not. I don’t know what to say tho’. Isn’t that queer. We had much rain today and I got kinda wet. Just a little shower bath. When I got ready to leave the shop at 7:15 it was pouring down, then later we all rain to street  car shed about 300 yds. After we got there we had to wait about 15 minutes for car and when it did come it took us 40 min to get to town. Then after breakfast it was still raining.

I waited a while until it slacked up and came over. I sure did get wet but if I hadn’t have done that, I would have had to stay in town all morning. When I got here, Ike had just come in a little before all wet. I think it’s all over now.

Oh yes today Ike was 20 yrs old. I think we ought to do him like some body else got on 3/3/23. Wasn’t that a great night. Florence I can never thank you enough for what you did that day. That day will never pass out of my memory. I don’t think anybody knew this was his birthday.

I do wish that dream of yours could have been true. It was so romantic. But say this is not a tumble-down rattle-trap house. This is a new apartment house and it’s name is Modern Apartment. Next time you dream it, change that part. I believe you would like the dream better. You tell your mother I think she’s awful for calling you right after the climax of your dream. I have a craw to pick with her about that. Just wait and see. It’s seems years to me too Florence since I have been in Houston. I didn’t think these 3 months would be so long. But they surely were long. I think I will stay in Houston, after this. I can hardly wait till I leave here. Ike said when we get on that interruban [interurban] we will shake the dust off our shoes, then at Beaumont get a shine and brushed off good, so we will not carry any P.A. dust to Houston. And when I see the train coming I am going to sing that old song.

Yonder come ‘at train

Yonder come ‘at train

Yonder come ‘at train down

the rail-road track.

G’wan to take me ‘way, but aint a gwan to bring me back,

That’s the way I will feel about it. Suppose I do come with Ike on the 9th what would you do. Would you be as happy to see me as I would to see you. Oh my Dear little girl if I do come on the morning of Sept 9th. It will sure be a happy day for me. I might, you can’t always tell. You say that things are going wrong there. Won’t you tell me what it is. I want you to, when you answer this letter. I am expecting it, so please don’t fail me. Maybe I could help some as you say, but listen Florence I want a synopsis when you answer this. Sit down and think and concentrate and let me know about it. Won’t you Dear. Please, just give me a short sketch of it. I am sure no-one will know of it but me. Has some-one said something. Has someone betrayed you, or what is it that causes all of this to go wrong. Am I the cause. If I do come the 9th could you feel much better. Could I help you that way. Could my sympathy do you any good. What can I do dear. My Services are at your hand. You know I would do anything I possible could for you. But you must please tell me the foundation of it.

What is all of that bunch doing that used to come out. Is Lula Francis still at Overton. Have they moved there. Somebody said she was going to visit you a couple of weeks before school commenced, to start, to begin.

Let me hear from you a long dear letter. Please.




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