9/3/23 I have all those good things to think about and rejoice over

Labor Day

My Dearest Florence;

Today is Labor day but I don’t think I will do much Laboring. You know I had intended writing yesterday, but here is why not. I slept ’till 11 a.m. and McKean came and said that Almira was down there and wanted us to go out to dinner. So we did and then went riding all the rest of the day. But it won’t be long until I won’t have to write it. I can tell it all of the time riding yesterday I just thought, where will I be this time next week? Not in P.A. How happy I will be when I see Houston. It is more like home to me now. Since I had planned to go with Ike, he is going to leave Friday. I am sorry, as I will have to make the journey alone. But maybe I will be someone on there that I know.

A bunch of El Campo boys are planning a Ford trip home, but I am afraid they will have to call it off as it has rained just a whole lot here.

I am sure glad you will have a chance to meet Mary. She wants to meet you as bad as you want to meet her. Maybe they will still be in Houston when I get there. I sure hope they are so I can help Mama home. Have you seen either of them yet?

I can’t feature you saying things like you did in that notorious paragraph in the letter. So you mean it the way I take it. I am not going to give my version of the paragraph tho’ I want yours first, then we can compare.

So it will not be long until our first anniversary of friendship arrives. Also Florence, Oct 30 was my father’s birthday. How will we celebrate this great day. Let you tell my fortune again. That was a great thrill that nite for me. Then when I came out and when you cam in the room, oh what a thrill. I have all those good things to think about and rejoice over.

Are you going to celebrate Labor Day in Houston. There is to be a big blow out here, sack races, etc.

I am going over to Jesse’s place and we are going over to take it in. It is just 8:30 now, so it’s too early.

Cowstock[?] left Friday for El Campo. I am pretty sure then he will go to Rice. The foot-ball fever is getting into him. We will have about five or six slimes from El Campo. So you see it will still be on the map.

This is a very short and wandering letter but Florence, there isn’t a thing to stay. Nothing ever happens that is interesting. So good-bye for this one. I will write again soon.




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