12/24/1923 nothing could buy what I found Halloween nite 1922

El Campo Texas

Dec, 24, 1923

My Darling Florence;

Here I am, down in the old home town, looking the things over, and they all look good and natural too. Even the mud. Talk about mud. I have never seen the like before. Some of the streets are blocked off. No passing yesterday my brothers brought me home in a truck, the top is of wood. That is, it has a wooden top. Sorry and the bumps would bounce me up to the top. I told him that he should have it padded, like a padded cue[?], you know. I should have brought my boats as I am not in it without boots down here. All transferring is done by mules and wagons, sometimes you see a Ford. So much for the mud, I am sure you like to have “Ape’s” boats and go wading, wouldn’t you.  Wasn’t that great. I never will forget the way you looked wading through that water. Just think, my little Florence went wading with her “Cap’n big boy.” So we did didn’t we Florence. I surely did enjoy that trip, more than I could tell you, but Florence Dear, when you ask me if I would go, I was over joyed. Really, Dearest, I had a wonderful time. And I could see that you had just as good a time. I like those kind. How did the decorations look when you finished with them? Wish I could have helped fix it all, because I enjoy doing things like that, when I have the right kind of company as I did have. Florence my darling, I had such a glorified wonderful time. Let’s do it again some day. Will you please do now?

I went down town and saw so many people, that is sure made me feel good to be back. So many compliments, etc. It made me feel so good and to think life was worth living for. Yes, siree, Florence, I wish you can have heard them. Maybe my Florence would feel good over it too. But you tell me so many good things that you keep me filled joy all the time. If it wouldn’t be for my Florence I don’t know what I would do. What do you think I would do. Florence things here sure make me want you more and more. You see all the girls that finished school with me and are teaching school. They are hopeless cases. Don’t you ever think of teaching school because it makes an old maid out of young girls. They think they are keen, though! Of course they have seen nothing of the upper world. I would take a fortune for what I have learned since my high-school days and nothing could buy what I found Halloween nite 1922. Oh Florence, the more I think about it, the more I care for you. How did it happen, anyway.

I will have to get off that or I will say things that make you feel too good.

So I will talk of my consumption. talk about consuming grub, I did it yesterday. Fried chicken um-um. I sure did stock it away. If I didn’t eat. Oh Florence, if you would have seen me, you would have been ashamed of me. But gee, Florence it was good and a big old turkey out here will Gobble, Gobble his last soon. Wish you could eat with me. I’ll bet I could eat the most now you think I am a Grubhound, don’t you? No, nothing like that.

Say! The sun is shining. The first time in a whole month, they say. Maybe you think I am not glad to see it. It makes the grass greener that’s the reason.

Florence, I thought of you lots since I have left. It was so cold last nite that I wished that I had somebody to keep my shoulder warm. I am sure glad to be here and I would be glad to be there. I can’t be both places, but I wish I could anyway. But it won’t be long will it Dear. Then we can have a big time, eh? When you go out with your dates be sure and not forget me. There is somebody thinking of you, Florence. I just think so much of you, that I cannot tell you how much. But you know anyway, don’t you? You will be back to Rice after Christmas. Weren’t you scared, tho! I knew it all the time. wasn’t you lucky. Just when I was talking to you Dr. Starnes came in you talked like a new person after I was talking to you, only a few minutes. Were you glad to hear me, or were you sorry to wake up so soon.  I just had to say a few words to you before I left. So I thought that would be a good excuse to call you, so I ask Mr. Pel[?] so I could. You see Florence I think of you lots more than you think I do. See, Dear. I must close and eat dinner now so Good Bye my Darling and I hope you have a wonderful time this Christmas Holiday. I wish I could help you enjoy yourself.

With all my love to my Darlingest Florence

Your Fred


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