12/28/1923 we have quite a conglomeration of affairs

El Campo Texas

Dec 28, 1923

My Dearest Florence.

I am feeling blue this morning. So blue that I don’t know what to do. My grades came in. Sure was a fright, too. I busted EE300. What do you think of that. I thought that I had a half chance to pass it, but I guess the chances were more against me. I will sure have to study this next time. But I made 3 in Math 300 and that was tolerable good. Since some say that math is the hardest Junior Engineering course. But think of it, Florence, I busted E.E. If I bust it again it will mean another year in Rice. If I do bust it, I think my college days will end. He could have given me a 4 – as well as a 5.

It sure makes me feel funny. Some say Jr Eng’g is hard. It must be. But just watch out this next term and I will study some. I’ll have to. Did you get by with all of your subjects. That’s dumb to bust anything, isn’t it? But nevertheless I did, and I can’t help it, so why cry over it.

We went over to see the New School building this morning. Cost $140,000. It was the first time I had been in it. Looks good, but I didn’t get to go to school in it. Boo hoo

Say we had a big time yesterday. We see all the trains go through, when down town. Some thrill too. All of the boys play marbles here. So before the 3 o’clock train came in, we bought some marbles and were having a great game. We were at the Station and when the train came in, we were so interested that we did not even see the passengers a-tall. We played right on. Three Rice boys, 1 Texas I, A&M. We played some marbles too. We got 50 for 5¢. and we borrowed shooting marbles from some of the small boys and when we got through, we gave the kids the marbles and it tickled ’em to death. Just think 50 of them. That was the only thrilling thing that we could find to do. I sleep about 11 and 12 hours each nite. Plenty?

Florence I feel so bad over my 5 that I can’t think of a thing to write. This is such a sorry letter that I hate to mail it, but you will be glad to get a little writing from Fritz, even tho’ it’s not the best. You can imagine how I feel. Chas just phoned and said a letter. I will have to hurry and eat and get down there to see it.

Time out for a while please

Just finished reading your letter, but Florence, what’s wrong. about time you are getting over those crazy spells. Don’t you think so? Don’t you feel good? Well, you will next Tuesday when I come back to Houston, even tho’ things do not come out the way I want them to. That will be about ten days our of Houston. I will hate to leave the folks, but I will surely be glad to get back to Houston. Especially to see my Darling Florence.

You surely didn’t feel good at all when you wrote this last letter, but you will soon get over it. now when I am trying to write I feel blue, etc and can’t write, so we have quite a conglomeration of affairs. But we will be O.K. by next Tuesday won’t we Florence. Thus grade proposition kinda upset me a little, but I will be over it soon. By the time I get your next Darling letter, Oh Boy. You can write some of the sweetest letters.

The one I got yesterday was a masterpiece. How do you combine your words to make such expressions. I wish I could do it. I have to read your letters over several times, they are so interesting and Darling you make me feel like a million Dollars when I get your letters. I can’t tell it like you can just as you say, we both have it bad. I know it, but how can I help, but to love you, Florence. I don’t see how I can help it. I don’t much want to help it, because I have never before seen another like you. But why I care so much I cannot say, but I sure do. We are both yet young, but I am sure we both know the idea of what true friendship is.

Florence my Darling, I am going to quit for this time. I can’t write letters today. I don’t feel like it, but I love you the same as always. And always will. I will try to do better the next time.

I think of you so often, and just wonder what you are doing and what you are thinking about.

With all my love

your Fred


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