El Campo, Texas

Dec 30, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

Last nite was Sat nite? I surely did miss you too. Isn’t it awful. Nothing to do last nite. Sad, isn’t it? I went to town and a few of us had a Big Bull pen. Then about a dozen were dancing in the back of a confectionary. They wanted me to come back and dance but since I did not care much about it, I did not go back. I need the practice bad enough, no doubt, but I did not care so much for the bunch. Another thing too, most of ’em could beat me dancing, just lots. I am going to leave it up to you to teach me more about dancing. How about the new steps?

I thought sure that I would have a letter yesterday, but no, I did not. I am sure I will get one today tho’. Your letters are so wonderful and make me feel so good. If you knew how much good they did, you would sure write often. “sabe senorita” But nevertheless Florence, it won’t be long before we can tell it to each other and not have to write it. It was so lonesome at times that I Could have cried “Nobody knows but my pillow and me” I would wake up at night and just wonder whether you were awake and if you were thinking of me, as I was of you. I sure do miss you. But Florence Dearest Darling, just think how happy I will be to see you. Can you feature it. Oh Joy.

Has it rained very much is Houston since I left. It hasn’t here, but the sun has not shined over 2 hours since I came home.

it’s the pen and not me

I just looked at my writing. How do you make it out. I can’t, excuse me please

I get so disgusted with the mud that I don’t know what to do. There is nothing here to do. Picture show is a joke. and that’s all there is.

I suppose Ike will be back early to see Jessamine before she leaves. Do you college girls have a big time there. I’ll bet you do. All of us here get together all talk of old times, tell tales, etc. Do you “feministic creatures” (he he) do the same. How do you like the above expression. Does it make you furious. Sorry ___?

Florence Darling I cannot write much because there isn’t anything to say, but I love you just bushels. I can’t tell you how much, because I don’t know what there is large enough to measure, so we will have to leave it and SLove,dFMP

Do you understand the expression. What is it? Oh that’s a deep dark blue secret. Yes siree that is a secret, just for us two.

Mama is having our new years dinner today instead of Tuesday. Just for me, because I will not be here then. Wish you could have it with me. Wouldn’t we have fun.

Say do you know that most every night that I have been home I have slept 11-12 hrs. Ought to get fat, shouldn’t I. Maybe so. Florence I will close, sending you all of my love and remaining always

Your Fred


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