6/9/1924 we were covered with coal cinders

Washington D.C.

Sunday, June 9, 1924

My Darling Florence;

At last I arrived this far  OK. Believe me it surely was a long journey. I was so tired when I got here. Riding for two days and two nights.

When we left New Orleans they started burning coal and when we woke up the next morning we were covered with coal cinders. Surely was a dirty ride up here. but finally got it off in a great big bath this morning. I wired La Rue and he met me at the station and I came on out here with him.

We traveled the place over today and saw more things. The Capitol, Treasure Bureau of Standards and National Museum and all things that are so very interesting. This is a very beautiful place. The Rolling country. So many hills, green trees and everything. I will tell you all about it when I get back

We ate in a Trisk Restaurant tonite. A nickel restaurant. You go in and whatever you see that you want well you get in. If it says 1 nickel, Drop 1 if 2 drop, etc. Then this nickel goes in a slot and a door opens and there you are. Pick it up and put it on your tray and run on and eat it. Did you ever see one. I didn’t either.

Say do you know that negroes sit in street cars with white people. Can you imagine anything like that. Big old black negroes sitting down with white people. Can’t help it tho’. I am sorry.

It is much cooler up here than in Houston. People are still wearing their spring clothes, vests and everything. I suppose my suit is rushing the season for them. But why should I worry.

I may go on to New York tomorrow, but will probably not go until Thursday as I want to work out here.

I do not know just what I’ll do yet.

Oh yes By the way. If you do not receive a package from me with certain limits after you get this letter, write to W. W. La Rue 3125 Newark St. Wash DC? You will be surprised. Oh yes. I meant to write you while I was on the train but it was pretty hard to keep the pen directed just where I wanted it so I did not.

“Dutchy” Wilford came as far as NC with me so you see it was not so terribly lonesome and Darling do you know that I appreciated your way of communication. Your ideas and system is fine. Who would ever have thought of such. I surely did appreciate it. I am going to keep your plans, because I know I can appreciate them much more that way.

We went down to take some pictures today and will show you everything when I get back to Dear old Houston and to my Darling Florence.

When I told all of you good bye it was a mighty hard job to keep back the tears. I surely did feel bad. But I tried my best to keep back the tears. I will enjoy the trip, tho’. I suppose, but oh how I do wish that you were making it with me and I could enjoy it so much. Darling I just can’t write like I would like to. La Rue is talking to me but this will let you know that I haven’t forgotten you. Still more so when you see the little remembrance of little old Wash DC.

Loads of Love



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