6/10/1924 I am sending a few sweet kisses

June 10, 1924

My Darling Florence;

I suppose you think that I am never going to write you. But really Dear I have not had time. Since I have been gone I have been busy every minute. When I arrived here I found Mr and Mrs Heissman at the Hotel. The next day they moved and insisted I go stay with them. I can, and here I am. Also, they bought a new Marmon Car and have been taking me everywhere. They have been grand to me. The place now is down by the Hudson River. I am looking across the Hudson River now, into N.J. It is a wonderful sight to see.

We have not gone to the Bower yet. But I hope to soon.

The Elevated Railways and Subway are quite different than they are in Houston.

One several streets. They are carry people on elevated, then on street cars and autos on the ground. Then below the street the Subways. Then the people walk. Can you feature such crowds.

We drove thru the bright lights last nite. They are bright lights too.

Around the Theatre district the crowds are great (out of ink) I am going to see the Woolworth Bldg today.

I have taken a Bus Ride already. They are quite an experience.

I think that I will leave NYC tonite and go to Boston. I have had several work outs since I left Houston. I worked out at the Columbia U Stadium yesterday and will do the same today. Darling they are calling me for breakfast so I suppose I will have to go. But my Darling Florence I have you on my mind continually and just wishing that you could appreciate the beautiful sights that I am seeing.

So don’t forget that I love you all the more and will write you just as often as I possible can. I will probably have more time when I get to Cambridge so I will try to do better.

I am sending a few sweet kisses along with this to you Darling. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Lots and lots of love



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