6/14/1924 I couldn’t put it across

June 14, 1924*

Florence My Darling, I did my best, but failed to be among the best that were up here. I have done enough to qualify but I just did not have the push today. I couldn’t put it across. This weather is terrible for boys in the South. While in NYC I put my sweat shirt over my vest and under my coat to keep from freezing. It was very cold. I am still wearing a track jersey under my shirt. I could not understand it being so cold here, but it really is cool. But I am not giving any alibis for it was just too good[?]

But Florence My Darling, we will soon be together again and I am sure we can have such a wonderful time. I long for the day when I can get back to Dear Old Houston and have my Darling in my arms once more. I miss you more and more every day. Every time I see a Buick, I want to yell and you to stop, then on second thought I think of you being in Houston and that I am at another place, then my heart does melt. Isn’t it a terrible feeling, Darling. I just can’t wait until I get back. I want to see you so bad that it seems a year since I have seen you and it is only a week. But gee how long it does seem to me. I do wish you could have made the trip with me. It would have been lots happier for both of us. Don’t you think.

Hartranft was just married and is taking his honeymoon in Europe. He is from Leeland Stanford ain’t that great.

Merle Frazier is here from Baylor and he is going to make the same trip back, that I made so we will go together as far as Chicago. He goes to St Louis and I go to Kansas City. Then from KC I will be back to Houston to see the best little girl that I know of. Gee Florence how I wish that I could have spent the evening with you. The clock has just struck eleven “I will have to go now.” “It’s about time” answer “But I don’t want you to go Fritz”


But Florence My Darling, if I ever wished for you I sure did this evening. I believe I missed you more this evening than ever before “Why?” well I don’t know, but I am not in training anymore, maybe that is the reason. Just think, Florence, I can eat anything now. It doesn’t matter what. Can you feature that. Well, no, I can’t either. While we are on eats, my first breakfast in Boston was $1.45. Then all the waiters, [?] and managers looked for a tip.

We found another place. A cafeteria and there I ate more for 50¢ then I did at this place for 1.45. Laundry is very high.

I sent off 5 shirts, 3 pr socks and 3 union suits. Cost me $3.34. Can you feature that.

Cost 90¢ to get here from the Station. Every time the taxi his a bump it registered 10¢ more. So much for Boston.

In New York I rode the Bus, the Elevated, the Subway, rode in auto’s and walkers. How’s that for a variety of ways to Ride. When you ride on top of a bus, it is like riding on a camel.

Florence My Darling, I suppose I had better go to bed as it is getting pretty late. I haven’t written much, but I have kept the mail carrier busy for you.

Don’t forget Darling that I still love you and wish I had one of your sweet goodnight farewell’s before going to bed.

It is so great to know that I have some-one back home that cares.

Good night Darling xxxxxxxxxx

Lots & Lots of love,


3020 Grand Ave

Kansas City, MO

I hope I have a surprise there when I arrive.

*The Postmark on the envelope is interesting


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