6/26/1924 look at the stars and dream and dream

El Campo Texas

June 26, 1924

My Darling Florence;

This is a wonderful day, yes it is, just a wonderful day. Last nite was so beautiful too. The stars were shining so bright and so many of them too. It sure made me want to be back with you and look at the stars and moon. I could just think of most everything. It was a typical night to set out and look at the stars and dream and dream. I just wished that I could have been there to enjoy the scenery with you. But maybe I am too hard to satisfy. You know it’s wonderful to have someone to think of like that.

Gee Florence you can’t imagine how happy I am that I am not going back to Port Arthur this summer and leave you. It seems almost impossible that I will get to stay in Houston. But I will, won’t I? Yes, I will. I knew that I could stay in Houston. I just had a hunch that I was. Now I can see My Darling often. I don’t know yet whether I will get off on Sat afternoon or not. I surely do hope that I can, because there is so much that we can do on Sat afternoon. Isn’t there. I may have to work a little harder than if I was doing drafting work, but that’s good for me, don’t you know. I will make me strong and everything. Want me to get you a job out there. Might get a job handling cotton bales or something similar. Something to make you awful strong. Don’t you want to do it. Won’t have an electric fan to keep you cool. This will be very different than ever before, I am sure. Come on kid lets work together, eh? All right Mama just said to tell Johnnie Powars that she would like to have a picture of him. She thinks those pictures are real cute. I do too. Lots of people can’t realize that it is a picture of girls. I don’t mean lots, either. I mean just a few. I haven’t shown them to but a very few. Coarse I wouldn’t show ’em to everyone. Not all of ’em, but just a few. I think they are real cute.

How’s the red hot m[?] coming? It hasn’t gotten to El Campo yet, but it will in a few days I am sure. they keep up with everything here, you know. Nothing goes over that El Campo doesn’t know about. This is some city you could readily see by the picture yesterday that I sent you, what a wonderful city this is. I am sure you will like it. It has so many fascinating attractions here. That’s what makes it so good. How’s that? Say kid how ye [..] are you finding enough to keep you out of the mean-ness. I could keep you busy if I were there. Don’t you think the few days that I was with you before I came home were surely wonderful, Florence.

You can’t imaging how I do enjoy being with you. You always show me such a wonderful time.

Don’t let the time drag as some people do. You see now I can see you real often, since I will be in Houston all summer. Won’t we have fun. I’ll say we will. I have thought of so much that we could do and have a good time. Maybe we can and maybe we can’t, but we will do something real great and get our names in the paper. Just like all great people do. I think it would be grand to have your name in the paper, for doing something wonderful, don’t you.

I think I will leave here Sunday morning and get in Houston at 1:15 PM then I can see my Darling Florence Sunday nite. Maybe Sunday afternoon if she wants me to. Well now I don’t know but I would like to. That’s up to her.

You see I will take my first Degree Friday night and I think I will set out to learn my stuff soon and quick so I can get my degrees over with before school starts. Won’t that be grand.

Write me a long letter Darling. I just adore those long sweet letters of yours.

Lots & lots of love



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