6/28/1924 It just made my heart melt for you

El Campo, Texas

June 28, 1924

My Darling Florence:

What in the dickins is wrong with you? Are you sick? Are you hurt of what is the matter? I am ashamed of you. What have I done to hurt your feelings? I am sorry if I did. But why haven’t you written. Just a little bit anyway. I got a postcard and a letter enclosed in Mary’s letter last Wed but since then, not a word. Don’t you know that I am lonesome, and a letter would spur me up so much. I am so sorry you haven’t had time to write, but I am sure something must be the matter. Something must have happened. Maybe you are sick. If so why didn’t you let me know. Maybe your mail was lost. But anyway I will be back sometime and maybe you will tell me all about it. Will you?


Who stepped on your feelings, Darling? Did I? If I didn’t let me help you out, if you are in trouble and in deep need of assistance, I will help. Please let me. I have been looking for a letter on every mail, but no not yet. It has not arrived. Maybe I am too anxious. Do you think so? Anyway I cannot understand what they did to you.

I got my first last nite and I surely did like it. When I come back I will be a Mason. I haven’t but one degree, but yet I am a mason.

When I came home last night, I looked out the windows at the beautiful star-light skies. I just began thinking of my own Darling Florence. I wondered what she was doing and whether she was living there looking at the beautiful skies the same as I. It was a long time, before I went to sleep. I thought of you so much. I just layed there and dreamed with my eyes open. I just couldn’t help it. I was worried about you, too. I could not understand why I did not hear from you? I tried to scope[?] out many things, but none would work. THen I just knew that something came up that it was impossible for you to write. I just knew that Florence had not forgotten me. I just knew it. Then I layed there and thought of the good time that we have had together and how much nicer it was this summer that I would be in Houston, instead of Port Arthur. Then I can see you often. If not see you, I can talk to you over the phone. This place it so small to me now, and things are so quiet that is makes me real lonesome for you. I want to get back and see you. Mary read the letters to me yesterday that you wrote to her after I left for Boston. It just made my heart melt for you. I would like to have had you and you read it to me. Gee, Florence that was a masterpiece. You surely had a good supply of words and expressed your thoughts so good. If anything would make one person love another it was a letter like that. I don’t think that I shall ever forget it.

It had an everlasting touch. I expect to get a letter like that today from the dearest little girl on Earth. If I do not, well it will just be another big disappointment. Then I’ll have to wait till I get to Houston tomorrow and let her to tell it to me. Then oh, how glad I will be to see you.

Hope you will be in a wonderful mood when I get back. I just like to see you smile so much. Come on smile for me, won’t you Dear.

Florence my darling, I will have to close this if I want it to get off on this train. I cannot be there tonite and this is Sat nite so I will send you this special to take my place ’till tomorrow. But Darling I will think of you tonite just lots, also will I think of you continuously as I have been doing.

Be good ’till I return, Dear.

Lots and Lots of Love



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