7/31/1924 Have a wonderful time for us both

Hope you can read this? Take your time and read slowly and you probably can.


Houston Tex

July 31, 1924

Thursday Nite


My Darling Florence;

I am a blue boy tonite. Blue as the blue on my sweat shirt (track). I just can’t get over the fact that you are going away. It doesn’t seem right that you are going away. It doesn’t seem right that you are going off to leave me for such a long time. I have been thinking about you leaving for such a long time. I believe after you are gone, my heart will be broken. I cannot keep from crying when I think of it. Since I have been back, there has not been a day gone by that I have not talked with you. Over the phone or in your presence.

But I went away and left you, and you go over it. So I suppose I will have to brace up and do the best that I can. You will be back and how glad I will be to see you. I don’t know how I will pass the time. Just as soon as you have I will take my examination and if I am successful, I will not have much more work to do. The days will drag and be so long. i will will have to brace up and try to be gay while you are gone. You will not let the time grow lonesome, will you Darling. Just think, Florence, the best girl in the whole world is going off and leave the one who cares so much. But Darling you will write me many sweet letters. I am going to write you as often as I can. I don’t suppose that I can keep the time from dragging with you because I don’t suppose that it will have a chance to drag.

I did not get to go to do any of my work tonite and you didn’t say anything about seeing you, so I thought I would write you a letter to read while you were gone. You might be thinking of me and wish you could see me, but you can’t so I’m going to send my love along with you. But if you take my love along with you, you must promise me to do as you have always done. That is, be good to it. The tables are turned and it is my own Darling Florence that is going away and poor little Fritz has to stay at home and work and get old ruff hands.

But maybe some time in the future I will not have to stay at home alone—?

Maybe so, I can go somewhere too.

I hope you don’t do like I did while I was gone on my trip. Most all of the time I wished that you were along with me. I could just imagine both of us going along to see the wonderful sights of the East and how both of us were enjoying them together and having such a wonderful time and Florence when I would come to my right senses, you were not there, and I would have to stand the disappointment all by myself. You didn’t know or you would have helped me, wouldn’t you Dear. This day dreaming made my trip very pleasant at times, in fact I was just always thinking of how wonderful it would be, when we could make such a trip together.

Florence, I could just lean over on your shoulder and cry and cry. We were going to have so much fun this summer, but Darling since you are going away, Have a wonderful time for us both. Don’t feel sad while away. Just enjoy everything and remember Dear that I want you to have a wonderful Glorious time. Another thing before I close, Darling. Don’t forget there is a very dear Friend back here who trusts and loves you dearly. One that is missing you and looking for the mail at all times. A Friend who is Dearest to you and nearest to your heart, one who will always love you and stick by, regardless of what turns up. A Friend in whom you can with softly confide.

Lots of Love

Your own Fred


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