they are all happy thoughts.

March 26, 1925

My Darling Florence;

Why so blue, dear little girl? Why be down on the world? Why not smile and be happy? I know it may be hard to do and there may be something bark of it that makes you blue. Won’t you tell me. Is it me? I am so sorry if I have tramped on your feeling. I know I have been very busy the last few days, and I haven’t given you all the attention that I should to make you happy. I really did not mean to not phone you the other day when I got that most wonderful letter. Circumstances did not wholly give me the opportunity. I think I told you why. Please Florence, my dearest, if I have done anything to hurt you, do excuse me, won’t you?

I have but just a few minutes, but I do want to tell you that my feeling for you is all through my, even to the lowest depths. I am all yours, dear. Just all yours. Don’t worry but what I am. I may not get to see you and talk to you often. But sweetheart, if you know how much of my time was spent thinking of you, you would be very happy. And Florence, they are all happy thoughts. Never anything but the best. Those kind things you said in that letter is enough to make any boy fall in love with a sweet and dear girl like you. But fortunately I do not have to fall, I have fallen already. Long ago, Dear. Sweetheart remember those three little △ words that I have told you many times. If I did not mean it, I would not say it. But I do, Florence, with all my heart.

Florence Dear. I have been interrupted so much lately that I am not capable of thinking straight. I am not responsible. But Sweetheart, big ole Dear, I always have that feeling for you. Makes no difference how busy I do get I think of you.

But Florence my own Darling, please excuse my “foreign” actions until after Saturday. I won’t forget you, dear.

But please cheer up, you know your own little Freddie just loves you with all his heart. Oh if I could have you here and let you tell me all of your troubles and let you cry it out on my shoulder. Oh Florence how I do love you.

Your own Fred, now and always.

This not as long as I wanted it to be but just between classes, I couldn’t do much better.


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