Our Story Begins Here.

This was the night

A few years ago, I was going through a storage room at my father’s house and came across three  boxes of letters. Upon further inspection, I found that they were part of a collection of letters my grandparents wrote back and forth to one another during their courtship. We also found my grandmother’s journals and other memorabilia from the time period that chronicled the beginning of a relationship that would last for 73 years.

Florence Powars was 17 when she dressed up as a Gypsy fortune teller at a Halloween carnival. Little did she know that a tall, blond athlete named Fred Stancliff that walked into her “tent” would be with her for a very long time.

This is their story and these are their words.

As a homage to these wonderful and interesting people, I wanted to share their story and give a peek into two lives and a romance in the 1920’s.

I have transcribed the letters exactly as written whenever possible, including abbreviations, incorrect grammar and word usage.

The letters begin here.