May 24, 1925


1:30 pm

Dearest record breaker + medal winner,

Can you ever forgive me for treating your precious medals like I have? I mean, just getting them for the purpose I had in mind. But really, pride o’ my heart, I wouldn’t make fun really deep in my heart of something so dear to you – and you have no idea how precious these little medals have become to me – and how proud I am that will let me wear them – especially the Conference medal which you yourself have never worn. Oh, but I’ll tell you all about it some time. I have lots of things to ask you Thursday nite when we’ll both be through school – almost. And remind me of a poem I want you to learn, will you? It’ll be a big help to you, I believe.

The folks have been discussing (and cussing) the trickery of oil. We have some land at Goose Creek, almost in the heart of it and altho everyone is sure there is oil on it, we can’t find it. Queer isn’t it, Fredibus, if we did have more money, if we were rich, I couldn’t want much more. I’m so happy in my friends, so happy with my graduation, and more than happy with my big “Captain”.

Oh, you have no idea how that thrills me, a captain of next year’s track team. You laugh at me when I saw I knew you would be elected, before you knew it yourself. I did. I was as sure as fate that you would be elected. How did I know? Just intuition, I suppose.

I’m so glad you wrote to me, Fred. I was surprised and I was happy to think you would steal a few minutes away and tell me all about it. I’m glad you feel you can. I love to feel I’m helping someone who needs it and wants it. I we are separated this summer let’s keep the mail hat between where ever I am and Port Arthur. We’ll just write a lot and evern tho we can’t be together, we’ll have each other’s letters.

And there’s a promise I want o ask you to give me Tuesday nite. Don’t be worried for it, nothing much but something you will appreciate, I believe. If you’re what I believe you are you will.

Fredibus, you spoke of believe if I went to California, you wouldn’t see me again. We never know what is going to happen but I believe if my feelings don’t change between now and June ’25, I’d turn Heaven and Earth to come to you. If I were on the other side of the world and you were to graduate, I’d come to you. So as far as worrying about my not being here then, why – forget it. I even think next fall that I’ll be here and be able possibly to boost you up again, if I’ve ever succeeded in that. But listen, Captain Stancliff – (more thrills) such friendship as ours – cannot, I don’t believe, be easily broken – and we’re going to be friends as long as we live – and the sweetest memory of my high school days will be the precious De Molay who dropped from the skies into my life (not meaning you’re and angel, of course, Perhaps you are even what you called me.) and made me happy. The most valuable things of my 16th year was the bet I took with Fate and won. No, not as you imagine. Graduation has been wonderful, but it would have been mighty small, Fred, if you hadn’t come in just when you did. Perhaps you wonder at that, but take my word for it, Big Boy, the Buick, the dance, the few friends I had when I met you, the thrill of graduation would be might small without track – without my medals, and your support, for, you know, it just sort of made me feel good when I did things to please you. I’ve enjoyed every second I’ve spent with you, and every little thing you’ve said to me and the different ways you’ve helped me has been wonderful.

And not for the world would I trade off your friendship. I hope I’ll always be worthy to call you friend. No, Dear, don’t ask me what I mean. I’ll tell you some day when we’re both older and can understand better. We’re both young and foolish now.

Don’t, please don’t say that your summer is ruined. It isn’t. Be broad, Big Boy. You know that there’s never another like either of us but there are others better or as good. You know we can’t be together always (altho I almost with we could) for we each have our own way to go but this much I’ll tell you. Perhaps you’ll smile but it’s true. There will never be anyone who will ever be as much to me as you are now. In the first place, I don’t care for the “privilege” of lavishing on a mere many all the idealism and love of my heart. Second, I don’t think I could care for another as I do you. And third, if I lavished much more love and idealism on a man, well, it just couldn’t be done. Foolish, did you say? Then, laugh! For all too soon, if not now, you will realize that all people cannot be trusted, and those whom we do trust might fail. So like the Romans or some one said, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” There are 13 more days left for us. Let’s make the most of them and remember, I won’t trade you off for every boy at Rice bowing to me.

I must go. I’ve stolen this time to write to you. Let’s trust to the Fates who have guided us so well. And if we’re apart, the same Orion will watch over us both, and I’ll wish on the stars that our meeting will be hurried a little.

Just oodles of love,



May 13, 1925

Hello “Babe”

Going to get the bacon + bring it home. Watch me do it. Here’s hoping. I’ll do my damndest.

Your best friend

Loads of love





April 3, 1925: Loads of love + kisses

Rosenburg, Texas

3:30 Friday

My Dear Little Sweetheart:

I haven’t time to write you a letter just a note. See Darling, I have been very busy with the Track + Field events. I will be through OK and will be in Houston Sat nite at 5:50 Grand Central. We will finish the meet tomorrow at 1:00 Pm. I am sure I will be there.

I will tell you all about it tomorrow nite.

Loads of love + kisses

your own Fred



April 2, 1925: A foolish sort of letter, isn’t it.

April 2, 1925

Howdy – old sweetheart,

Never will forget how precious you were Tues. nite when you said “Can’t you call me sweetheart at all?” I’ll make up for lost time, tho, never worry.

Gosh! All the relatives are gone, and peace reigns again with the exception of yet having another relative (rather a friend, Mrs. Welch. She seems almost kin) to entertain. I hate to have my peaceful life broken into by people sometimes. Guess I’m sorta selfish, but, of course, now, if it was someone real, exceptionally nice that I loved and was dying to see, why, I’d fall all over myself trying to be nice. Of course, I love these folks, but it’d be sorta different, you know. Shouldn’t hesitate a second, sweetheart (See, I called you that again.) to do the falling stunt for you!

Big Boy, I had such a glorious feeling this morning. Was showing Aunt Minnie your medal, and she looked right square at me and said, “You’ve got something, do you know it?” And I didn’t smile but I said, “I do know it, and I intend to hold onto that ‘something’, too.”

Gosh, we’ve been foolish. I could knock myself in the head for letting us have the little spat we had Tuesday, and making you angry + making me cry. It was awful foolish, especially when we know that you can’t do without me, and that my life would be unbearable without you. And even knowing all that we had to have a few harsh words and tears! But the past is gone. Why worry about it?

I’m sorry I was so dumb, but isn’t the making up wonderful? Please don’t misunderstand – I don’t mean we like to fuss just to have the make-up, but we do appreciate smile after tears. Thusly, you know,

“This world that we are living in

To mighty heard to beat.

We get a thorn with every rose

But ain’t the roses sweet?”

Truth, isn’t it?

Here I sit so religiously writing you – Haven’t decided why yet, but I just am. I guess the real reason is that when I get something new that I really like, I always try to think if there isn’t some way I can share it with Fritz. You know we’re the two F’s – Fred + Florence and my motto is the two F’s too, Fritz first! So since I thought the paper was so cute, I just indulged in a few lines. But I really must go.

Have a good time in Rosenburg, dear boy, and see all there is to see, but do try to come back Sat nite. I know I’m horribly selfish, but I just want you all the time, Fritz. I don’t want you to go away – even for a day or so. I’m fierce. I know it! But – (I’ll indulge in poetry again.)

“I’ve fallen from the treetops,

I’ve fallen from above,

But the worst fall I ever had

Was to fall in love!

On the other hand a poet once remarked

“As unto the bow the cord is,

So unto man is woman!”

The cynic said –

“Ya-ah, she strings him!”

So after numerous jokes! Oh, here’s another! Someone said “Her face is her fortune!” Another said, “Involuntarily bankrupt, eh?” HaHa.

A foolish sort of letter, isn’t it.

You won’t have anything else to do in Rosenburg, Fritz. Won’t you write me anyway and send it special? Be real sweet, Freddy Boy, and thrill me to death with a letter like you’ve written me before. It’s crazy of my, I know, but set it down to a maiden’s moods! and do it, won’t you?

Love xxxxx



they are all happy thoughts.

March 26, 1925

My Darling Florence;

Why so blue, dear little girl? Why be down on the world? Why not smile and be happy? I know it may be hard to do and there may be something bark of it that makes you blue. Won’t you tell me. Is it me? I am so sorry if I have tramped on your feeling. I know I have been very busy the last few days, and I haven’t given you all the attention that I should to make you happy. I really did not mean to not phone you the other day when I got that most wonderful letter. Circumstances did not wholly give me the opportunity. I think I told you why. Please Florence, my dearest, if I have done anything to hurt you, do excuse me, won’t you?

I have but just a few minutes, but I do want to tell you that my feeling for you is all through my, even to the lowest depths. I am all yours, dear. Just all yours. Don’t worry but what I am. I may not get to see you and talk to you often. But sweetheart, if you know how much of my time was spent thinking of you, you would be very happy. And Florence, they are all happy thoughts. Never anything but the best. Those kind things you said in that letter is enough to make any boy fall in love with a sweet and dear girl like you. But fortunately I do not have to fall, I have fallen already. Long ago, Dear. Sweetheart remember those three little △ words that I have told you many times. If I did not mean it, I would not say it. But I do, Florence, with all my heart.

Florence Dear. I have been interrupted so much lately that I am not capable of thinking straight. I am not responsible. But Sweetheart, big ole Dear, I always have that feeling for you. Makes no difference how busy I do get I think of you.

But Florence my own Darling, please excuse my “foreign” actions until after Saturday. I won’t forget you, dear.

But please cheer up, you know your own little Freddie just loves you with all his heart. Oh if I could have you here and let you tell me all of your troubles and let you cry it out on my shoulder. Oh Florence how I do love you.

Your own Fred, now and always.

This not as long as I wanted it to be but just between classes, I couldn’t do much better.


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March 22 – 28, 1925

March 22

SS Riding with Fred. To see the Welchs at 2. To the Layfayette at 3 with Fred, sis and Miss Murray. Had more fun talking with some little Frenchmen in French. To Majestic at 6 with Fred. Home at 9 and had supper together. Got a special from Hop + Gosh what trouble it caused! Whew – !

March 23

School again. Found out I made 2++ on French 200, and I passed Chem. I’m so glad. Fritz came off pro[bation] too. Home + studied. Out at 4 to Fred. I do love him so in spite of his jealousy. Bruce called at nite + talked a long time. He’s cute, but I love Fred.

olive oil hair treatmentMarch 24

A week from tonite is the Junior Prom. Found out I made 2 on my History final. Thrilled to death. Put some olive oil on my hair, washed it + studied in afternoon. Bruce called, but Fred didn’t. Wonder why.

March 25

Got my grades. Made 2+ in French, 2 in Eng, 2 in History, 4 in Spanish, and 4 in Chem. Some card! Stayed for pep meeting. Back to lab – a detestable time. Home, cleaned up my room. Played solitaire. Fred called. Seems like he calls me once a year. Was so blue.

March 26

Blue as the deuce. Fritz gave me a dear note this morning. Played solitaire from 2 til 4 this afternoon. Put up my hair + studied. Aunt Minnie from California came. Talk to her then pegged away from 8-11 on history for Sat. Gosh! I’m tired. Wonder why Fred didn’t call.

March 27

Found out why Fred didn’t call last nite. he was sick. Felt pretty badly today. I had classes, then Lab. then the ball game with Bruce. Fred called and said he felt rotten. Spent evening with Mira, Bob + Aunt Minnie. Talked to Mother a long time. Oh I wish I could help Fred. Wish I could comfort + sooth him, but I can’t do much. And I’m so thankful for a mother who understands.

March 28

Classes. Fred was better. Doc Walker left a history quiz for us. he was in S.A. Got out early. Rode with Fred for a while. To the Relays with Sis + Bruce. Bruce is sweet but oh! so little compared with big ole Fred. Gee, I nearly worshipped Fred today. He didn’t compete, but oh! He knew everyone who did. He came out at 8 and later I rubbed his head + neck for him. Wish I could rub all the pain away.


March 15 – 21, 1925

March 15

Tired – Tired. Another detestable headache! To SS then for a ride with Fred. He got over his impossibility. Home and then studied. Such a day, Riding with Dot. Cussed + discussed. Saw a bad accident. Home. Fred called then I studied some more. Oh I’m so tired of it all, so blue my eyes hurt so. Great grief!

March 16

Another nite when I’m almost too tired + sick to move. Began this morning + studied from 9 on. I’ve put in over 10 hours study today. I’m so cram full I could bust. Went to town + got the material for my artists costume for the Scullions Ball Thurs nite. It’s darling. Only 3 more days. bravo!

March 17

Just too tired to write. Studied all morning – a ghastly Eng test. Studied all nite. Diary – I could scream.

March 18

Too tired again, Little Book. A ghastly History final + a killing Spic one. Studied all nite long for Chem. Only 3 hours more of this.

Diary entry 1925March 19

Chem Final. It’s all over! Fixed my costume in afternoon and at 8 went to Scullion’s Ball with Fred. Ran a splinter in my leg when coming down the slide. Hurt awfully. Had a grand time and was tired out! Home at 3:30

March 20

Slept til noon. My leg hurt awfully. To Majestic with Fritz. Guess I shouldn’t have gone. Gave me an awful headache. Intended going to the lecture, but went to bed instead.

March 21

Met Fred at 10 a.m. and we rode a little while. Tried to plan a trip to go over the Layfayette but couldn’t. To Hank’s for groceries with mother. Fred came at 5:30 to have dinner with us. I was in an abominable mood.


March 8 – March 14, 1925

March 8

Life’s beginning to pick up. To S.S. Was terribly disillusioned but went. Home to “Sackcloth + Scarlet” at the Queen with Fritz. For a ride + a long, long talk with him. I do love him so – really, Diary dear. At 8:30 the fire engines stopped in front of our house. Scared stiff. Proved to be Mrs. Green’s across the street + three houses down. A terrible fire – total loss. Excitement.

March 9

Classes. Made 48 on Chem exam! A ghastly exam + a ghastly grade. Home at 12:30. Studied Eugenie Grandet Supper, Studied Eng then Spic. Finals only 4 days off! Lord! Fred called. I’ll be darned, Diary. It’s a great life not to be sure of oneself! I guess I’m hopeless.

March 10

Classes. Home. Studied. Finished report on Eugenie Grandet. Studied French. Was just too tired to even exist. Almost fell asleep standing up.

March 11

When nite comes, I’m almost too tired to even write in you, little book. Classes then to a Chem coaching from B. F. Jay at school. From 1:30 til 5:45. So tired. Finished Mussey’s Comedy then some Spic – Heavens! These finals!

March 12

Hop sent the dearest letter to me. Calls me “Buddy” My days are spent only with books now. Short classes, then home and hit the books. Went til pretty late. I’m so tired. Fred’s even forgotten me, I think.

March 13

Life’s almost too boring. Studied all day til Dot came by to take us riding. Fred called. He’s going home between terms. Guess I ought not to mind but he surely has ruined my plans. He seems further from me than ever. I’m just bored to tears with myself + school. Darn it!

March 14

One down, Diary! Took a simple but long French exam. Studied all afternoon. Fred called. We were both impossible _ finally ended by his slamming up the receiver. Sat nite doesn’t seem right without Fred here. Everything seems lost, Diary. I love him, but I wonder if I could ever be happy with him. I wonder ~


March 1 – 7, 1925

March 1

To. S.S. A while with Fred. Home and slept. Had a dreadful sick headache. To bed at 7, had a miserable nite that somehow finally dragged by.

March 2

A holiday. Slept till 11. To town at 1, and to see “The Great Divide” at the Queen. A marvelous show. Fred came out to supper and I gave him a masonic watch chain for his birthday tomorrow. Oh, I love Fred so much!

March 3

Fred’s birthday (b. 1902)

I wonder if anyone could ever feel worse than I do. Went to Mr. Mather this morning for help. Then studied all afternoon. I can hardly write for the tears I am shedding. Oh, Dear Diary, I feel so miserable – so sick – so blue – so hopeless.

March 4

Jaws, wisdom teeth, side, eyes, head, have all screamed at me all day. Classes, Chem lab, Home + studied chem and French. Haven’t had a square meal since Saturday. I must snap out of this but I feel so miserable.

March 5

Tired – so tired. Only a few more hours before the Chem test. I’ve studied so hard for it. I know I’ll pass. Went to the dentist. He didn’t help me much. Wisdom teeth are awful! Was with mother for her sewing lesson. Bought material for a new dress – a dear. Studied til awful late. I’m so tired.

March 6

The Chem midterm! Busted it, and it made me so sick. Was a ghastly exam. To lab, nearly spilled tears all day. A confab with Nick about my exams. Rode off the effects of the exam. Got a dear, adorable special from Hop. Between Hop + Fred – great goodness!

March 7

Classes, Home + wrote 6 letters. To town at 3. Went to the Isis – “The Lady” Was quite good but I wept + wept. A date with Fred. Heavens! What a contrast! Hop’s offer to be a true buddy last nite, and Fred’s passion tonite. I wonder – wonder.


February 25 – February 28, 1925

February 25

My cow! What a day! Classes, Chem in the new building. To Labd. Home + finished my History outline, first draft. Fred came at 7 to help me type it. He loaned me his typewriter. I kept going til quarter of 2 but had to quit.

February 26

This ends my 8th day of constant study. I’m dead tired. I’ve burned nid-nite oil til it’s a crime! School – home – and studies for the Eng test tomorrow. I’m so tired!

February 27

Was anyone every quite so tired – so sick – so blue? Cut French + stayed home til 11:30 to study Eng. Had the Eng exam. went to a deadly lab, then studied at nite. Heavens’, I’m sick of it all!

February 28

Got one of the dearest letters from Hop.

One gosh-awful day. Two exams this morning. Went to town early bought material for a dress, bough some darling shoes. Felt so rotten it was a crime. To “Flaming Love” at the Isis with Fred. A marvelous date with him.

February Memoranda

Diary, the nights never come fast enough for me to write in your, then your space is so small I can’t say half I’d like to. I get such a thrill, little Blue Book – just to know you’re mine – mine!

Another month come + gone. All I can say is I’m glad I’m alive + thank goodness for Hop + Fred.