When did Fred and Florence meet?

They met on October 30, 1922

When were they born?

Florence was born on July 24, 1906

Fred was born on March 3, 1903

How long were they married?

November 17, 1927 until Fred’s death on June 23, 1995

Did they have children?

Yes, a son, Fred, Jr born September 1933

Where did they live?

Houston, Texas

What school did they attend?

Fred was in college at Rice Institute (now Rice University) at the time and Florence was still in high school. After graduation, he told her that he wouldn’t marry a girl who had the opportunity to get an education and didn’t take advantage of it. So Florence enrolled at Rice and (as she put it) majored in Fred Stancliff and minored in English.

What are the hand-written dates at the top of some of the letters?

At some point, Florence went through her collection and noted dates. I am using those when none are indicated on the original letter.

What does Florence mean when she writes the letter “C” or “C?” – From Steph

One thing I have been amused by is the use of shorthand in the letters. In the case of “C”, she is abbreviating the word “see”. She also uses “nite”, ” altho”, + and a few others here and there.

Now, in the case of this particular letter, the “C” armband refers (from what I can deduce) to an armband from her school – Central High School.

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