2/4/1923 Hit the Trail of Slumberland

Houston, Texas

Feb 4, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

I have been trying to study some Spanish, Dear, but I was thinking of you about as much as I was of Español. What makes a person do that, do you know? Strange, isn’t it? I just can’t help but to think of that wonderful manuscript that I received from you. Last nite when I got home I went to bed, turned on the desk light so I could see and read it again. I like the way you express yourself in ways. You know, Dear, I just couldn’t help it last night. I know I was not interesting to you at times, but as I told you, I was worried a little. That afternoon at several times I was very sad. But I am feeling pretty good now, aside from that fact.

You don’t know I looked forward to seeing you last night. It had only been a week since I had been out there but it sure seemed longer to me. You know most of the time, I would see you in the middle of the week, which I still expect to do, and this made it seem so much longer. I was sure glad to see you when you came to meet me. Gee, Florence old Dear, but out school work interferes to such an extent that we are not able to do as our desires would so strive to do. Florence, my Dear, you don’t realize what a good time I have at those little gatherings. I sure do enjoy myself. It’s not the only there but when I come out there, it thrills me to a peanut. I don’t know what I would do if I if I did not get to come out to see you. It’s so much better then running around some place. And you don’t know how I like to hear you play. I am just crazy about music. I could listen to good music forever and never get tired, I think. I have always been filled with the anxiety of refreshing my ears with music. Also Dear I have always had a desire to meet a girl of your kind. One that was a musician. And then at the Halloween party, oh Dear since then, you have put so much sunshine into my heart. It is so many things that make me like you so much. Partly the Fates, I do believe.

Gee this is a cold night.  Ike and Skinney just came back from town and they said it sure is cold. We will have our winter weather now. I guess I will get my boots out and get them ready for field work in Engineering.

Well Florence my Dear I must close this epistle and hit the trail of slumberland. It’s about that time. Florence I will be glad to hear from you.

Your affectionately,



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