8/10/1923 I wanted you to know why no letters came


My Dearest Florence;

First I will tell you why I haven’t written for the last few days. I have been working 12 hrs per day and Comstock and another boy (Huffer) are here from home and I am trying to get them a job. You see I don’t get home till 12 o’clock P.M. and I sleept ’till 8:30 or 9:00 A.M. and go to work at 11:00 A.M. So you see I didn’t have much time. But Florence my Dear I have thought of you much, nevertheless. I haven’t gotten a letter from you in a few days either.

I am counting the days before I get back. Days makes it sound shorter than weeks. I think I will quit the 15th and be in Houston the morning of the 16th. I may go on to El Campo. I think I will stay in Houston all that week. For what? Well, I don’t know. -?

You see I can go home and spend a few days at the weekend of some week. But I am going to get in Houston as soon as possible. You see I am just crazy to get back. I am so tired of this town. That’s why I am working 12 hrs. Nothing to do and I will make up for the time I have lost.

This is a might poor epistle but I wanted you to know why no letters came. I will write you a real one soon. Bushels and Oceans of Love


The chewing gum was fine. Ha Ha


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