8/16/1923 I never knew how I could miss you

Wed nite

11 p.m.

Dearest, dearest Fred –

It’s late. The clock has just struck 11. I’ve just gotten home from a picture-show “Enemies of Women”. It was terribly boring. And all the time I thought – you were working- working and waiting for the time to pass til you can come back to me. How I wanted you! What wouldn’t I have given if you had been with me instead of Earnest! Fred o’ mine, the time has passed so slowly. It seems like several centuries since you were here – since we went to “When Knighthood was in Flower.” Lokey and LFS and you and me! and then when we went to “Singed Wings” – oh! I remember it so plainly. It’s been years ago – years. Fred, it’s only 31 more days. I’ve begun to count them. 4 weeks and 2 days. but I want you now – if I ever get you within reach. I’ll never, never let you go – I never knew how I could miss you. That afternoon when I was at Rice and you told me about the P.A. job – I said go on. I never realized the time could be so long. Only 3 1/2 months – but all of a vacation, and it’s made me fully know how empty my life would be right now without your letters to cheer me up. and just to know that in 31 more days you’ll be here. Fred, dearest one, all tonite in the show I kept wishing for you, and after I got home, I just had to sit down and write to you. You ask me not to let the time grow weary, Caro mio – how about my time? I admit there’s more amusement here for me than there is there for you, but it’s all so empty – not worth wasting time over – and I want a real thrill! I’m getting so hungry for some real excitement. I sometimes think I’ll take the first thing that offers itself that’s different – but only for a thrill. I’ll wait for you, tho – for only you.

I must quit. The clock moves fast. I just wanted you to know, dear boy, I’m thinking of you. Even with another boy who momentarily amuses me – I wish for you, and I’m waiting for you – and the thrill.

Goodnight, dearest of all dears in this world –

Please don’t forget me and that you mean more to me than anyone on earth.



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