8/26/1923 a few weeks more until you will be a Slimess

Port Arthur, Tex

Aug 26, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

I have been thinking of you so much today and that it is only three weeks until I will be gone from here. Maybe never to return. I was so mad tonite I could have fought. They have no system whatever to traffic regulations. There were two lines of cars coming down the street and three of attempted to cross the street at the same time two _ _ _ beans decided to pass the two lines, this making three lines. He was going about 25 or 30 M.P.H. and was on the left side of street. We had already passed our half and these birds just liked a little of hitting us. I was so mad I don’t know what I would have done if they had come out. I gave them a hearty invitation to stop, but they seemed pleased not to accept the invitation and sped on. I am really afraid to go to town at a busy hour. The people have no consideration or respect for a human life. They don’t care what they do. Then another thing we went to a show and tried to appreciate a good show and tried to appreciate a good show but all a loss. A cajun and his cajun woman was behind us and talking loud, cheering when the hero won and just butchering the English language. But why should I worry, only a few days longer.

Say my Dear you asked if I couldn’t leave here a few days ahead of time i.e. ahead of the time I had planned. Sure I can but you must remember if Jessamine does have a bunch to go to Sylvan I will not ask for an invitation. I will be glad to go, but I will not try to push myself into it. Of course I am sure she would like for me to go. Oh! How I would like to see all that bunch again before they separate for school. I don’t think I should like to come a week beforeĀ  had planned, but it’s possible. I can quit all night the 12th but I don’t think I would like to before then. You see I could spend more time at home. If you find out anything let me know, C? If I were you I wouldn’t mention it to her as she don’t know anything about it and it would see funny, don’t you think.

It will just a few weeks more until you will be a Slimess – “Yea Slimes”

Them were the good old days. Won’t it be grand to go to school together. An you can’t walk on the grass and everything.

Of course Slimes can walk across with Sophs & upper classmen, as won’t you let me have the honor of escorting you across, eh? Wot you say ole Dear.

Glad to hear you like the swimming so well. You are getting good. What’s the idea of trying so much to reduce. Don’t you know it will only temporarily. It takes centuries to change nature. If you’re made that way and if you don’t like it you are unfortunate. I sure do admire you for taking an interest in sports. Why don’t you try chinning the bar and stretch out a little. Really tho’ Florence, I don’t think you are so extremely out of proportion. It wouldn’t hurt for you to be a little taller. But don’t let it worry you Dearest. It seems that I miss you more and more all the time and you can’t realize how I missed your letters last week. Do you know that I wrote three letters in between. But that didn’t hurt me, I enjoy writing you when I know you enjoy reading them.

Are you going to make your other trips i.e. to S.A. and San Marcos. I hope you go by El Campo if you do. It will be great to see the village. Don’t you think. I must get to the hay now so good night.

With Lots of Love ’till I see you



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