8/28/1923 all there is to do it watch the moon ride across the heavens

Aug 28 – 23

to Port Arthur

Dear Cap’n Fred –

I nearly fainted this morning when I got your letter. I was never so surprised-!! I’m really glad to find something has made you think of me. From the past few letters the thoughts of me seem few and far between.

I can’t say so much for myself as a Slimess! No, sir! I can’t say that I look forward to it with anticipation – However! I’m glad you’re as happy over it as you seem to be.

Well, well! You began to quit on the 16th – then you pulled it up to the 12th. Then the 9th, and the last thing was the 8th, with Ike! Listen, écoutez as the Frenchman says. Speaking as man to man I shan’t tell you when to come home. You know the sooner the better for me. If you stay there longer, you will make more money, and it’sreally a business proposition, you know. If you quit a week ahead you’ll be out that much. As for your mother – well, I know she’d love you to death if she had a longer time at you – you haven’t had any vacation, it’s been work – all day + all nite. There hasn’t been any fun – no dates (!??!) —? and then to settle down to the grind at Rice – well, you’ll feel it. A vacation will be good for you, very good – and you need it – and from all I hear (and I have some rather reliable sources) she wants + needs you. You know, after all, there’s no one on earth like her Freddie – her baby boy. Of course, she wants you home every second she can get you and it’s right for you to go- But is it worth it? You could miss school, of course, at first, and have more time at home, but perhaps that would put you behind. Your folks haven’t seen you since Xmas + then like the chump I am, I had to pull you back up here – (of course, you pleaded work.) Then in June, I made you come here to the “darned Senior dance” as you so lovingly called it. This time tho, I’m going to send you home to stay. If you do come back the 8th, you’ll have two weeks at home. So, ma gras garçon, I shall leave it entirely up to you. Only let me know.

You ask me when I want you to come. I’ve told you – but I don’t want to pull you from your work – and I won’t see you but once maybe before you go home because I insist that you don’t waste precious time in Houston because of me. I’ll see you 9 months, maybe every day and they won’t, C? I don’t plead for myself – These last few weeks have dragged so until I thought I would go mad. These nights when all there is to do it watch the moon ride across the heavens – or watch the stars – or stare at the dark walls + think, think, I’m back in the rut of sleepless nights when either poetry, or songs run thru my head. It’s maddening, and it was after such a night that I wrote you and asked you to come home – C? You’ve been such a comfort to me, dear boy, and I’ve needed you. Ive pulled out of the blues, tho. Thank Heavens!

As for Jessamine’s trip – I thought you understood that there was only a possibility. They haven’t made any definate plans at all – she only mentioned it to me but perhaps it might not get pulled off, after all. If she does have it, and you’re here, of course, you’ll go – but I wouldn’t think about it.

I’m stiff + sore today and I need a little exercise so I’m going swimming in a little while.

Mon Ami, you know what is best. You know I’ll be so glad to have you home, and the sooner, the better. There seems to be more reason why you should come but I leave that to you. I’ll be awful glad if you decide on the 8th + then you can come with Ike + won’t be left alone there and you won’t have to travel alone – and – oh! well, you know best.

Am I to look for you a week from Sunday? or later on? Don’t let me come between you and your work, please, but you know I want you.

It’s so hot I’m reduced to a grease spot.

Yours til the piano loses its scales –



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