9/4/1923 then we can talk and talk till our hearts content

Port Arthur, Tex

Sept 4, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

Do you know what I am thinking of most, right now? Just four more days in P.A. I will be measuring the time in hours before long. At six-oclock Sunday morning I leave P.A. How happy I will be. Think of it. Just four more days longer and the fifth day I will see my Florence again. After an absensce of over three months.

That was the dearest letter that I received yesterday. So long and newsy. I just wished I could have been in your presence. Then we could have just talked and said so many things.

Florence, about the subject you were talking of in this long letter, do you have any idea at all that you are misjudging the little feminine creatures. Is it possible that you may misunderstand a few unveiled points. I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do. I do wish I could have assisted you in settling this affair. I never did care anything about C.B. [?] was not appealing to me and D.E. did not have a very attracting personality for me to get all enthused over. I treated them all with kindness. I have never said a rude thing about either of them, but as far as getting along without them, I could do it very, very easily. Don’t let a little thing like that worry you Florence. Just let things rock on and say nothing. They will not hurt you. Someday you will be glad. Don’t treat them as you are furious at them. Act as an indifferent unconcerned person. They will hurt themselves.

Do you like for some-one to talk to you about things concerning other people, that are not good. No. and nobody else likes for a person to down some-one. Let these little frivolous creatures talk themselves down. Don’t worry Florence, you will always have friends what difference does three make. Let them alone, you don’t have to associate with them. You will meet and make plenty of friends in your college days.

Isn’t it wueer, everytime I set aside a night to write something happens. Huffee and Madden just came over. Wait till I get to Houston, Florence and then we can talk and talk till our hearts content. I can’t concentrate with a conversation going on so I suppose I will have to stop as I want to get this off.

Lots of Love



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