12/27/1923 all the thrill we get here is to meet the trains and see them go through.

El Campo, Texas

Dec 27, 1923

My Darling Florence;

Well, now. I don’t know but the general opinion is that some one has been forgotten. Do you suppose that my little Florence is sick and can’t write or that she is having too good a time with Some one else that she cannot find time to write or that she cannot be bothered with such a minor detail. Even so, something may keep you from writing I take it upon myself to write. I suppose you would like to get letters, even if you don’t write. What’s wrong Florence.Every day after each mail I have found nothing but disappointment. You letter came Christmas morning and you can’t realize how glad I was to get it. I know that someone was thinking of my. So something must be wrong – ?

It it wasn’t for staying with my folks here I would have been back to Houston already. There is nothing at all here to do. I get so tired doing nothing. I went to bed last nite at 8:00 PM and got up at 7:30 AM. Some sleep, eh? I have gained about 2# since I have been home.

I am thinking that maybe I will leave here the morning of the 1st I will get in Houston about 1:30 PM

Do you suppose it would be possible to meet me and let me with you the rest of the day. ie as much as possible. If not in the afternoon that night and the night of the 2nd. You see I would like to spend part of my vacation with you. Because we have both been so worried throughout the term that now we haven’t anything to worry us. My grades are not here yet, but I think I got along ok. But really Florence I would like to do that if you would like too. I could come sooner as I am just a little bit tired of the place  already. What do you say?

There is not much news here, so there is not much to say. They had a half-witted dance last nite out at the edge of town. A piano and drummer for music. The Roads are so bad that it is almost impossible to do anything. I did not want to go since my Darling Florence was not here to go with me.

About all the thrill we get here is to meet the trains and see them go through.

I have about 25 minutes left to go mail this on the train so I will cut this short so I can mail it. I have to walk about 14 blocks so you see I will have to step. I am expecting a letter from you at noon. If I don’t get it. Oh Florence, something’s bound to happen. It’s a serious proposition. What? Oh that’s a deep dark blue secret. But really Florence without joking I am really and truly lonesome, so please write me often, won’t you. They will do so much good.

Sending you all my love,

your, Fred.


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