6/13/1924 after the preliminaries

Mr. F. J. Stancliff

Boston, Mass

To be opened June 13 at nite after the preliminaries.

Freddy boy, now that things are beginning to come your way.

And you’re “star” athlete in a school where athletes hold full sway,

And the girls and boys of the Institute all know you for what you are,

And will try to win your favor and will praise you to the stars.

And you’ve made a name for yourself, big boy, that folks respect and admire.

That will make you greatly in demand, for folks will ever tire.

Of doing things for those who appreciate what’s done.

And will love to help you all they can and give you all the fun

That belongs to a deserving boy – to one who can do things right,

Who can conquer despite all obstacles, and his own hard battles fight.

You’ve gained a lot by modesty, and by being staunch and true,

Your disposition can’t be beat – we’ll admit that, too.

You’ve won your place – just count the cost. How much is it worth?

You’ve made your friends, built up a name that’s respected on this Earth.

You’ll win more glory in the years to come and be happier every day,

For you’ve the makings of a more, you’re headed just that way.

But, Fred, when you’re on this road to success, and fame it within your call.

Remember us poor insignificant folks who can’t do things at all.

Who have to sit back and await our turn which perhaps will never come,

While you are upward climbing, we will fight for the smallest crumb

To live on, waiting for the better days” until our hair turns white,

But you will be up the ladder – looking toward the light.

But don’t forget your glory, there’s folks who think of you.

And hold your name and remembrance in hearts that are always true.

Some day when you’re successful, you’ll remember the friends that you made,

Back in your old college days, those memories that never fade.

Remember that there’s a heart beating true for a blue-eyed captain of track,

A heart that quickens when it hears the name that brings the memories back.

A girl who has tried to help you, and one who has likely been true blue,

Who has love you with all her heart and soul, who has trusted you faithfully, too.

Is waiting at home for the one whom she loves, the man who has won and been strong.

In the battle of life. He has honored himself, and is worthy of having her long

For him when far away, and is having success so that he

May prove worthy of them who have cared for him, and there the whole world may see.

There is one in the world who is really worth while, who can climb to the height of the heights,

And can gain all the things that are really worth while, who’s entitled to all the rights

Of a man. So, health, wealth and fame will follow you thru,

But remember that always a girl in the South is waiting for one who is true

To her, So, go forth in the world and climb high, and reach to the heights above,

Then return to the South and claim her as yours for you know it is mutual love.



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