8/4/1924 a very unfortunate bit of news was told me today

Houston, Texas

August 4, 1924

My Dear Little Princess:

I have just returned from taking some of my lessons and it is a little past a working man’s bed-time but nevertheless I must write my little girl a note at least. After I got through tonite our conversation let to a friendly conversation of various things which some people may call “bull”, while others would term it, real conversation nothing out of the ordinary, but just everything in General.

No people killed or anything like that. So you see I am still sound in all parts as before a very unfortunate bit of news was told me today. They say that we have to work all day Sat and not get off at noon. This is terrible. How will I stand it. Maybe, you can solve the mystery. Just how will I survive, with your powerful aid, I can stand most anything. Do you see how I believe in you.

Now, make your bow to the world, little sponsor of the Rice Track Team. If some consider that I am the team, then in turn, I ought to be able to say who the Sponsor will be. I like to select my own true Guardian. So it shall be. Now will you make a deep bow to the world with a wide, wide grin and make it stretch from ear to ear and cover your face. How’s that. Not impossible is it?

You are not in S.A. [San Antonio] Just overflowing with joy, I am sure your youthful curiosity is probably sprouting out on you, as I can visualize it and you are looking in every bend of that Mexican town for new things of interest. Dos the Mexican River, run straight for 100 yards or is it just 25 yds. I have heard that the passes in front of every house in S.A. a snake would break its back if he attempted to navigate it. So much for the River. How’s the chili. I’ll bet you are living from one meal to the next to get some “cold” chili. Do you eat much. Look out, be careful, don’t hit me too hard. Be easy, first attempt should not be so bad. Pardon me, will you. Fine!

I must go now to meet you again in the Hay field. I must press[?] hay now as it is late.

Your’s till the Bull frog sprouts wings and stops __________________?

With lots & lots of love,

your own Fred


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  1. Carol Shamus Ackerman says:

    I believe I understand Fred’s reference to “pressing” the hay. It just means he’s going to sleep, and perhaps “meeting you in the hay fields” means he’ll see Florence in his dreams. πŸ™‚ My Dad (age 79 now) often refers to bedtime as “hitting the hay”. I suppose during that era, some people slept or napped on layers of hay. Just my thoughts. Love the letters; thanks for your efforts in posting them for us to enjoy.

  2. Sheridan says:

    Carol, you may be right! Thank you for helping clarify. I am so glad you are enjoying the letters πŸ™‚ Sorry for the delay in posting, life has been a bit crazy lately!

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