8/5/1924 such a hot day that I almost melted

Houston, Texas

Aug 5, 1924

My Dear little Queen,

Oh, I beg your pardon. I didn’t mean to call you my Queen. You said you did not like that, so I will have to call you my princess, all right. Well little Princess how does the world treat you in San Antonio. I’ll bet you are just overcrowded with joy. I got your card today and do say that is a very beautiful place. It looks like the places you read about. I would like to take a trip like that where I had plenty to time to do all of the things that I suddenly had a desire to do.

Do you find time to sleep, with so many things to do. There is one thing that I hope you do not forget. That is, don’t forget to write to your little Fritzy boy down here. I just look forward to getting your letters. They mean so much to me, when you are gone. You know how it is to be back here and be lonesome. You have had a taste of it and you know how glad you were to hear from me, when I was gone. My day seems a dead one, without reading a letter from my own Dear Girl. I am really disappointed when I do not get a letter when I expect it.

Florence, my Darling, Sat and Sun sound lost to me, without you. I knew I could not see you, but nevertheless I had a hankering desire to go call you and tel you that I would be out. It make be a little blue. I couldn’t help from being so lonesome. It’s hard to be without you Florence. You see, tho’ Florence, I must not tell you that I am lonesome for you or anything like that, because I do not want you to feel bad about it and get the Blues. I want you to have a good time and really enjoy yourself.

This was such a hot day that I almost melted. I thought 5 o’clock would never come. The day was so long and I was tired, too. You know I get tired occasionally. It’s natural for a person to do that. Especially you and I.

But who do you want me to go to the picture show with, while you are away. Shall I go or shall I wait for you to go with me. I expect I’ll wait for my own darling Florence. I am so sleepy that I can hardly keep my wits about me.

If I don’t get a letter from you tomorrow, I don’t know what I will have to do to you. Give a paddling I suppose. I do that so much you know, that it becomes natural for me to say that. C!

Don’t forget the one who loves you so dearly and please try to write often.

Your own Fred


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