8/7/24 I was in perfectly good humor when I wrote it

Houston Texas

Thur nite 8/7/24

My dear little lonesome darling;

This is Thursday nite, I have had my examination and I am staying home with you tonite. I may not be able to see you, but I can surely let you know that I am thinking of you very strongly and love you more than I can express in words. Florence I am so lonesome for you I don’t know just what to do. You have been gone only a short time, but nevertheless I can realize it to the greatest extent. It seems as if the world is divided since you have left me here all along. We have just exchanged plans. It is you who has gone off and left me here and it is not me I who has gone off and left my dear little girl here to mourn. I have to stay here and wish you were here with me. Florence my Dear I miss you so much. I think my heart will break sometimes. The nights are so empty. They seem so long and dreary before bedtime, without hearing your sweet voice.

They also say that a person realizes how they care for one another after they are separated and cannot see each other. It seems as if I have been separated from the world. I have lost something and just go wandering around to find it. Just think you haven’t started to be away from me, yet. When you get this, you will have been gone almost one week. Just 1/4 of your expected tour. Say don’t you have any feelings for your little Freddy boy at all. Gee Florence it seems months since I told you goodbye. I can’t realize that it has been so short a time.

I did not have a chance to write you last night as I went down to take my examination. I went through it perfectly. A boy friend, Herbert Turner also took the examination. Just us two and each one of us went through the work perfectly without a mistake. Thus receiving several congratulations from the members present. Now I will have to await the time, until the boys back home tell me if I can go any further. If I get by ok, I will have another degree taken before your return.

Florence I was so disappointed in you letter that you wrote in answer to the lectures. My own Dear Florence I did not intend to hurt your feelings. Really Dear I did not. Please excuse me, won’t you honey dear. I seems as if I just got started and didn’t stop. I said things that I am sure that I didn’t mean. Don’t think Florence, that I didn’t appreciate what you told me. If you did not love me, you would not have said anything. I think that I should not have said anything about it. I didn’t think that I made it so strong as to hurt your feelings. So you think that you were feeling a little blue when you read the letter. So you think that your heart was in a condition to mist for me when you got it and was disappointed on reading it.

Don’t think that my letter was fiery. I didn’t mean it that way at all. I was in perfectly good humor when I wrote it. Don’t think that you hurt my feelings for you did not. Maybe you didn’t not quite understand me. There is one great trouble in writing that a person cannot express himself clearly. You cannot put emphasis on words to express your exact meaning. The person who writes is probably in one mood and the person who reads may be altogether in a different attitude. There may an infinite number of ways of explaining this, but to make a long story short I did not intend to step on your feeling, not did you intend to hurt my feelings. You are not through with your lectures either. You must do things to help me and I will do things to help you. We are pardners, Florence we should work together. Never yet have you hurt me, by what things you have told me. I do appreciate everything you tell me. Florence I know that it is because you love me that you tell me of things. If you did not we would not talk to each other with such confidence.

Florence did I tell you that I wrote you as a mere duty? I don’t think that I did. It is not the letters that I did. It is not the letters that I write to you, that I consider a duty. It is letters to people that are far fetched.

Florence, I would love to sit here and write to you or talk to you forever. I am so sorry you felt bad when writing this letter. I can see by the letter that your thoughts were divided and you could not concentrate on your letter. It was not the dear love letters that you always write. I could see that the kids were bothering you. Those are the conditions that I write from at times.

Florence I don’t think I told you that my letters to you were a friendly duty. My letter writing to you is of the deep love I have for you. My love is sincere, it comes from the depth of my heart. It is for you and you only. I don’t like for you to act as if you don’t believe what I say, when I know that you do. Florence you know whom I love, and please don’t forget it.

I am going to send this letter to you special do you will get it Fri nite just after dinner. You can read it when you go to bed. You didn’t expect it, that it is why I am sending it.

Please don’t forget your own Fred. I will try to write you every day and Florence it my own true love for you, that comes from my heart, that makes me want to write. I enjoy writing to you but to some people it is not so enthusing.

I am your own dear Fred as long as you want me.

Freddie Boy.



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