8/8/1924 Things are not what they may seem at the country

Friday nite

My own Dearest Florence;

I have just read that broken hearted letter of yours. Florence I could have given anything if I could have been there by your side when I read the letter. I am sure that I could have soothed your pains. My Dear I know just how you feel. I can sympathise with you from the depths of my heart.

Darling Dear that letter was from your heart. It was so dear. It showed how you cared for me and how lonesome you were to be back. Oh how glad I would have been to have had the chance to hold you in my arms and let you tell me those kind things. It would have been wonderful to be there and be with you, during your disgusted moments. I am sorry that you did not enjoy your vacation at San Marcos.

I knew that you would not before you left. You are not accustomed to the country ways. If you could have lost your dignity and acted goofy as most country ya-hoos do, you could have had the time of your life. I’ll bet I could show you a good time in the country. Didn’t you know a country dance was the worst place to go for enjoyment.

Things are not what they may seem at the country. Florence probably you did not understand things. But nevertheless my Dear I am glad to hear that you will be back soon. I am waiting every day for the word and when I do get it I will be there waiting anxiously with outstretched arms. Florence I am tired of living life alone. It seems so empty without you. I look forward all day long to see your letter that nite. That is all of the excitement I et and those letters are so dear to me. I wouldn’t trade anything for them. It would take an awfully large force to deprive me of my love for you. One cannot realize what love it until it has an awfully big bolt in them.

Florence dear if San Marcos had been your last place before coming home, I would have wired you that I had met with an accident and for you to come home. I could have helped you this way and things would have been ok.

Florence I have been helping Jay with his racer and it is very late, but I just had to write you before going to bed, so I must stop this time.

My dear I hope to see you soon.

I really hope you enjoy S.A. a lot.

I am sending all my love and sympathy to you, because if you ever needed help you do now. Cheer up and remember that I am your own forever and that I still love you.






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