February 11 – 17

diary entry February 1925February 11

Flat tire on car. School in Willie’s car, Lab. Home. Town. Played some ancient songs for Dad. Date with Jack. Diary, I am more thankful than ever for Fred. I think Jack + I have parted forever. I really don’t care. He finished up his debt in candy, so I am not worried. Jack bores me to tears. Just a “sitter.” He’s good looking, but oh, what devilish lies he tells! I’m glad he’s gone!

February 12

Lincoln’s Birthday

Had a history test this morning. To town to get some shoes. Didn’t succeed. Met Jack Kimple -a boy who met me before at the slime dance. He’s real cute. I get rid of one Jack and here comes another one! Studied + fooled around. A chem test tomorrow. Dear old Fred called + talked 2 minutes. Diary, I’m cutting a wisdom tooth! By heck, I’m proud of myself!

February 13

Friday 13 – Lord help us! A Chem exam this morning. Some exam! Chem lab moved from old to new building. Lots of fun with Bruce. Studied a little. To Mary Parker’s dance at her house with Fred, Field Reynaud + Sis. Good times. Jack Kimple – a boy I met at the slime dance called me, and he seems so cute! Hot dog!

February 14

Valetine Day

Classes. Home. Town in afternoon. Looked for shoes. To see The Golden Bed at Queen. A grand picture. To basketball game with Fred. My tooth ache gave me the old heck and I was so tired. Every move made me sick + faint. Went to bed half dead. Got a dear box of Mexican candy from Hop for Valentine + a dear Valentine from Fred.

February 15

Gosh! What a day! These wisdom teeth! Slept all morning and studied in afternoon. At 5 went out for Fred and rode a while. Home and washed my hair. Studied some more. Oh, I felt so rotten. Haven’t found out what’s wrong. Got a special from Hop.

February 16

Better today. Classes then a terribly strenuous workout in gym. A world of fun but so hard. Got a dear letter from Guitte + Isobel. To town with Mother. Studied – I’m so sore it’s pitiful! My poor legs!

February 17

Saw dear old Fritz this morning. Diary, he’s so precious. Had the shin splints so badly I couldn’t move. Classes. Home. Out with Sis to practice gym. We had a dumb gym and my legs are worse. Home, played + studied. Gee, but my ankles and legs hurt!!!!!!


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