February 4, 1925

11:30 p.m.

Dearest little Girl in this whole wide world:

You did not think that I would answer that real sweet note the other day. I had fully intended to. I did not want to, just right away. I wanted to give it to you when you were not expecting it. So I think this is a very opportune time.

Dearest of my heart, all of the sweet things that I told you tonight is true. Straight from my heart, not from my mouth, but it is the feeling I have deep down in my heart. The desires that I try to tell you are all about. I have told you of my ambitions and what I want to do. You know all of my ideas about wanting to make it good. I must have help. Yes beloved I must have help and to tell you the truth, I am getting it from the sweetest person that could give it. Florence, I do actually, honestly and truly believe, down deep in my heart that I have the girl that means more to me than most anything else could mean to a person. I have tried to win your heart, and I have even been encouraged to a great extent.

Encouragement is a great help sometimes. You know you have your heart to win, as I do. We are both trying. Darling, the last few weeks when I have had less to do, I have tried to think of you more. I have tried to make you happy. You say that I have, and I do believe that I have, as I do see so much improvement. I have been encouraged.

Do you know that I got more thrill out of your note the other day. I can’t explain how happy you did make me. That feeling is unexplainable. I felt so happy. Maybe I did not show it so much, but the E. Co. took lots out of me. You say so many sweet things that I cannot help but love you. I don’t see how I could help it. It is almost impossible. I want to take you in my arms and love you mine, so much that it’s hard to help it at times.

I do care much more than you know about or have any idea about. I have an impulse just to pull you up to me and hold you so tight, tight tight.

I did not know my tones in voice had such rings to them. I did not notice it,but you darn sure have them in yours. You say some of the sweetest things in the sweetest way that they run through and through my mind. I can’t help but think of the things you say and do. They are so nice and pleasing. Florence you are hard to beat. In fact I do not know where I would find one to beat you. Not one in this world, I don’t believe would mean more to me in my life. I think you understand it so well. You know me so well that it seems that we just mean to much to each other.

I just want to bring you up close and hug you so tight that oh —

Sweetest Darling there is one thing that I wish so much. That is we will continue to love so much for a long long time. When — oh some future time.

I will meet you in my sweet dreams.

Your own Freddie boy

P.S. all yours.


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