February 25 – February 28, 1925

February 25

My cow! What a day! Classes, Chem in the new building. To Labd. Home + finished my History outline, first draft. Fred came at 7 to help me type it. He loaned me his typewriter. I kept going til quarter of 2 but had to quit.

February 26

This ends my 8th day of constant study. I’m dead tired. I’ve burned nid-nite oil til it’s a crime! School – home – and studies for the Eng test tomorrow. I’m so tired!

February 27

Was anyone every quite so tired – so sick – so blue? Cut French + stayed home til 11:30 to study Eng. Had the Eng exam. went to a deadly lab, then studied at nite. Heavens’, I’m sick of it all!

February 28

Got one of the dearest letters from Hop.

One gosh-awful day. Two exams this morning. Went to town early bought material for a dress, bough some darling shoes. Felt so rotten it was a crime. To “Flaming Love” at the Isis with Fred. A marvelous date with him.

February Memoranda

Diary, the nights never come fast enough for me to write in your, then your space is so small I can’t say half I’d like to. I get such a thrill, little Blue Book – just to know you’re mine – mine!

Another month come + gone. All I can say is I’m glad I’m alive + thank goodness for Hop + Fred.


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