March 22 – 28, 1925

March 22

SS Riding with Fred. To see the Welchs at 2. To the Layfayette at 3 with Fred, sis and Miss Murray. Had more fun talking with some little Frenchmen in French. To Majestic at 6 with Fred. Home at 9 and had supper together. Got a special from Hop + Gosh what trouble it caused! Whew – !

March 23

School again. Found out I made 2++ on French 200, and I passed Chem. I’m so glad. Fritz came off pro[bation] too. Home + studied. Out at 4 to Fred. I do love him so in spite of his jealousy. Bruce called at nite + talked a long time. He’s cute, but I love Fred.

olive oil hair treatmentMarch 24

A week from tonite is the Junior Prom. Found out I made 2 on my History final. Thrilled to death. Put some olive oil on my hair, washed it + studied in afternoon. Bruce called, but Fred didn’t. Wonder why.

March 25

Got my grades. Made 2+ in French, 2 in Eng, 2 in History, 4 in Spanish, and 4 in Chem. Some card! Stayed for pep meeting. Back to lab – a detestable time. Home, cleaned up my room. Played solitaire. Fred called. Seems like he calls me once a year. Was so blue.

March 26

Blue as the deuce. Fritz gave me a dear note this morning. Played solitaire from 2 til 4 this afternoon. Put up my hair + studied. Aunt Minnie from California came. Talk to her then pegged away from 8-11 on history for Sat. Gosh! I’m tired. Wonder why Fred didn’t call.

March 27

Found out why Fred didn’t call last nite. he was sick. Felt pretty badly today. I had classes, then Lab. then the ball game with Bruce. Fred called and said he felt rotten. Spent evening with Mira, Bob + Aunt Minnie. Talked to Mother a long time. Oh I wish I could help Fred. Wish I could comfort + sooth him, but I can’t do much. And I’m so thankful for a mother who understands.

March 28

Classes. Fred was better. Doc Walker left a history quiz for us. he was in S.A. Got out early. Rode with Fred for a while. To the Relays with Sis + Bruce. Bruce is sweet but oh! so little compared with big ole Fred. Gee, I nearly worshipped Fred today. He didn’t compete, but oh! He knew everyone who did. He came out at 8 and later I rubbed his head + neck for him. Wish I could rub all the pain away.


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