April 2, 1925: A foolish sort of letter, isn’t it.

April 2, 1925

Howdy – old sweetheart,

Never will forget how precious you were Tues. nite when you said “Can’t you call me sweetheart at all?” I’ll make up for lost time, tho, never worry.

Gosh! All the relatives are gone, and peace reigns again with the exception of yet having another relative (rather a friend, Mrs. Welch. She seems almost kin) to entertain. I hate to have my peaceful life broken into by people sometimes. Guess I’m sorta selfish, but, of course, now, if it was someone real, exceptionally nice that I loved and was dying to see, why, I’d fall all over myself trying to be nice. Of course, I love these folks, but it’d be sorta different, you know. Shouldn’t hesitate a second, sweetheart (See, I called you that again.) to do the falling stunt for you!

Big Boy, I had such a glorious feeling this morning. Was showing Aunt Minnie your medal, and she looked right square at me and said, “You’ve got something, do you know it?” And I didn’t smile but I said, “I do know it, and I intend to hold onto that ‘something’, too.”

Gosh, we’ve been foolish. I could knock myself in the head for letting us have the little spat we had Tuesday, and making you angry + making me cry. It was awful foolish, especially when we know that you can’t do without me, and that my life would be unbearable without you. And even knowing all that we had to have a few harsh words and tears! But the past is gone. Why worry about it?

I’m sorry I was so dumb, but isn’t the making up wonderful? Please don’t misunderstand – I don’t mean we like to fuss just to have the make-up, but we do appreciate smile after tears. Thusly, you know,

“This world that we are living in

To mighty heard to beat.

We get a thorn with every rose

But ain’t the roses sweet?”

Truth, isn’t it?

Here I sit so religiously writing you – Haven’t decided why yet, but I just am. I guess the real reason is that when I get something new that I really like, I always try to think if there isn’t some way I can share it with Fritz. You know we’re the two F’s – Fred + Florence and my motto is the two F’s too, Fritz first! So since I thought the paper was so cute, I just indulged in a few lines. But I really must go.

Have a good time in Rosenburg, dear boy, and see all there is to see, but do try to come back Sat nite. I know I’m horribly selfish, but I just want you all the time, Fritz. I don’t want you to go away – even for a day or so. I’m fierce. I know it! But – (I’ll indulge in poetry again.)

“I’ve fallen from the treetops,

I’ve fallen from above,

But the worst fall I ever had

Was to fall in love!

On the other hand a poet once remarked

“As unto the bow the cord is,

So unto man is woman!”

The cynic said –

“Ya-ah, she strings him!”

So after numerous jokes! Oh, here’s another! Someone said “Her face is her fortune!” Another said, “Involuntarily bankrupt, eh?” HaHa.

A foolish sort of letter, isn’t it.

You won’t have anything else to do in Rosenburg, Fritz. Won’t you write me anyway and send it special? Be real sweet, Freddy Boy, and thrill me to death with a letter like you’ve written me before. It’s crazy of my, I know, but set it down to a maiden’s moods! and do it, won’t you?

Love xxxxx



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