May 24, 1925


1:30 pm

Dearest record breaker + medal winner,

Can you ever forgive me for treating your precious medals like I have? I mean, just getting them for the purpose I had in mind. But really, pride o’ my heart, I wouldn’t make fun really deep in my heart of something so dear to you – and you have no idea how precious these little medals have become to me – and how proud I am that will let me wear them – especially the Conference medal which you yourself have never worn. Oh, but I’ll tell you all about it some time. I have lots of things to ask you Thursday nite when we’ll both be through school – almost. And remind me of a poem I want you to learn, will you? It’ll be a big help to you, I believe.

The folks have been discussing (and cussing) the trickery of oil. We have some land at Goose Creek, almost in the heart of it and altho everyone is sure there is oil on it, we can’t find it. Queer isn’t it, Fredibus, if we did have more money, if we were rich, I couldn’t want much more. I’m so happy in my friends, so happy with my graduation, and more than happy with my big “Captain”.

Oh, you have no idea how that thrills me, a captain of next year’s track team. You laugh at me when I saw I knew you would be elected, before you knew it yourself. I did. I was as sure as fate that you would be elected. How did I know? Just intuition, I suppose.

I’m so glad you wrote to me, Fred. I was surprised and I was happy to think you would steal a few minutes away and tell me all about it. I’m glad you feel you can. I love to feel I’m helping someone who needs it and wants it. I we are separated this summer let’s keep the mail hat between where ever I am and Port Arthur. We’ll just write a lot and evern tho we can’t be together, we’ll have each other’s letters.

And there’s a promise I want o ask you to give me Tuesday nite. Don’t be worried for it, nothing much but something you will appreciate, I believe. If you’re what I believe you are you will.

Fredibus, you spoke of believe if I went to California, you wouldn’t see me again. We never know what is going to happen but I believe if my feelings don’t change between now and June ’25, I’d turn Heaven and Earth to come to you. If I were on the other side of the world and you were to graduate, I’d come to you. So as far as worrying about my not being here then, why – forget it. I even think next fall that I’ll be here and be able possibly to boost you up again, if I’ve ever succeeded in that. But listen, Captain Stancliff – (more thrills) such friendship as ours – cannot, I don’t believe, be easily broken – and we’re going to be friends as long as we live – and the sweetest memory of my high school days will be the precious De Molay who dropped from the skies into my life (not meaning you’re and angel, of course, Perhaps you are even what you called me.) and made me happy. The most valuable things of my 16th year was the bet I took with Fate and won. No, not as you imagine. Graduation has been wonderful, but it would have been mighty small, Fred, if you hadn’t come in just when you did. Perhaps you wonder at that, but take my word for it, Big Boy, the Buick, the dance, the few friends I had when I met you, the thrill of graduation would be might small without track – without my medals, and your support, for, you know, it just sort of made me feel good when I did things to please you. I’ve enjoyed every second I’ve spent with you, and every little thing you’ve said to me and the different ways you’ve helped me has been wonderful.

And not for the world would I trade off your friendship. I hope I’ll always be worthy to call you friend. No, Dear, don’t ask me what I mean. I’ll tell you some day when we’re both older and can understand better. We’re both young and foolish now.

Don’t, please don’t say that your summer is ruined. It isn’t. Be broad, Big Boy. You know that there’s never another like either of us but there are others better or as good. You know we can’t be together always (altho I almost with we could) for we each have our own way to go but this much I’ll tell you. Perhaps you’ll smile but it’s true. There will never be anyone who will ever be as much to me as you are now. In the first place, I don’t care for the “privilege” of lavishing on a mere many all the idealism and love of my heart. Second, I don’t think I could care for another as I do you. And third, if I lavished much more love and idealism on a man, well, it just couldn’t be done. Foolish, did you say? Then, laugh! For all too soon, if not now, you will realize that all people cannot be trusted, and those whom we do trust might fail. So like the Romans or some one said, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” There are 13 more days left for us. Let’s make the most of them and remember, I won’t trade you off for every boy at Rice bowing to me.

I must go. I’ve stolen this time to write to you. Let’s trust to the Fates who have guided us so well. And if we’re apart, the same Orion will watch over us both, and I’ll wish on the stars that our meeting will be hurried a little.

Just oodles of love,



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