February 4 – 10, 1925

The James Autry House at Rice University, Houston, Texas

Autry House, Houston, Texas

February 4

School wasn’t very exciting. Had lunch at the Autry House then had lab. Riding with Aunt Mildred and the kids. Home took a bath, dressed + went out to Fred’s brother’s for dinner. It wasn’t violently exciting either, but I did enjoy it. I had a world of time to think, weigh, analyze and wonder – wonder – Oh, Diary, dear, it’s no secret. I do love Fred. He’s dear and good, but oh! the other! I’m just not sure.

February 5

I’m so tired. Have an awful pain in my chest. threatens to floor me. Had only Span. (Spanish) class today + then went to inspect M.E. building (Mechanical Engineering) with Fred. Had heaps of fun! Then had more fun at Autry House for lunch. Didn’t have either energy or ambition to be any good in gym. Helped fix my dress + cut up generally. Oh, I have such a pain in my side. It hurts like the devil. Wonder what it is!

February 6

Such a perfect nite! Made to think of love not French + Ger. (German) wars! Have a Hist. exam tomorrow. Classes this morning. Tennis meeting. Home + slept off an abominable headache. Studied after supper. I’m just glad – glad to be alive – healthy, to have Mother, Dad, Sis + Fred – to have Hop and Oh! just my friends. The Slime dance is Mon nite. Boy Howdy! Bravo!

* Slimes were freshman at Rice and went through a hazing period. I found this bit on the Slime traditions from the ’30s here. 

February 7

Classes – tennis at 11:30. had a Soph con-fab then took Madge out to Heights. Home, dinner, then studied. Went to basketball game with Fred + Sis. Won 31-23. Fred wasn’t terribly well tonite. Diary, dear, there might a little doubt, but I just can’t help loving Fred with all my heart. I can’t help wanting him – really + truly!

February 8

One exciting day. To S.S. with Herbert, then riding with him in Bill Grace’s car. Home, dinner. Chasing Margie with Madge, Ruth, Flo + Babe. Got her let her go on honor. Chased some slimes, then had a flat tire. Fred came out + fixed it for us. Flo + Babe came by at nite. Oh it was all so exciting + we had more fun. Fred was so sweet about the tire. Oh, I love him so!

February 9

A day I shall never forget. Got Margie and Flo. Ruth, Madge, Babe, Sis + I all stayed at Auntie’s. Oh! Such mystery and such excitement. Fooled around all day, then dressed + went to Slime Dance at 9. Got Margie in OK and she was cute. Went in Kenneth Nairn’s car. Oh I love to dance with him! He’s so dear! To pig stand at 12. I had a real good time on a crowded floor + aching feet + some rotten dancers!

February 10

The day after the nite before. Oh I was dead. Up in time for an 8:30 class. Home + to sleep at 12. Woke up at 5. Had supper + talked to Fred + studied. All I have thought of today has been how thankful I am that Fred is not a boy who drinks. My dances last night were dumb, but oh! the drunks out there. I couldn’t seem to get away from them. I’m so glad and thankful for Fred. My love is so much deeper now.


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