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February 4 – 10, 1925

February 4 School wasn’t very exciting. Had lunch at the Autry House then had lab. Riding with Aunt Mildred and the kids. Home took a bath, dressed + went out to Fred’s brother’s for dinner. It wasn’t violently exciting either, but I did enjoy it. I had a world of time to think, weigh, analyze […]


8/6/1923 Run, jump, swim, steal watermelons, get your face dirty

Monday 8 am 8-6-23 My Darling Florence; How goes it this most beautiful morning? I am sure you think I am the ____ of a boy for not letting you get a letter this morning. I know you expected one. Your last letter was so indifferent, but let’s not fuss about such a small thing. […]


7/29/1923 Have you decided definitely on Rice yet

Port Arthur Tex July 29, 1923 My Dearest Florence; I got your great big long and adorable letter yesterday and you can’t imagine how glad I was to get it. It surely did cheer me up. Made me feel so good. I am so glad to hear you are coming. I want you to go […]


6/28/1923 you feel like you have the world by the tail

Port Arthur, Tex June 28, 1923 My Dearest little Girl; Here I sit, take my pen in hand and commence, to start, to begin, – is that the way it’s suppose to start. Ha Ha Another thrill just a few minutes ago, a long sweet letter from Houston. Gee I was sure glad to get […]


6/17/23 my dear little Slimess

Port Arthur, Tex June 17, 1923 Darling Florence; This is the day of rest and we have sure been doing it. Just loafing, day-dreaming and passing the time away. We went to Sunday school this morning ┬ámet a bunch of Rice graduates and several have promised to take us around in their cars to see […]


6/15/23 spent my time with you in my mind

Port Arthur, Tex June 15, 1923 My Darling Florence; The thrill of my life came today. Almost unexpectedly too. All day I felt as if there would be something at sometime during the day make me happy. I didn’t know whether it would be Thomas here, or a long long letter from my Florence or […]


6/8/23 little Girl with a cute little curl

Port Arthur, Tex June 8, 1923 My own Dearest Florence; What a thrill. Can you imagine what it was. Today I woke up at 2:30 and as I opened my eyes I saw a pink envelope on my bed by my pillow. Now do you think I lost any time, not a bit. Gee, Florence, […]

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1/22/23 The Star Dull Pupil

Fred – Fred, send me some knowlege of Latin – I’ve got my paper up here right in front of my and it looks like my head feels – absolutely empty. I’ve exhausted my store of knowlege on one test today and my brain refuses to function on another. I’ve been gazing out the window […]


The Letters Project – One month in.

This weekend marked the completion of the first month of the project being up for the world to see. I am excited that this site has had nearly 1000 views so far! As I work to queue up more of the letters and other goodies that make up this unique collection, I have begun to […]